29 days ago


The Team from New Zealand Red Cross

Fun fact… it’s 537 steps up Baldwin Street in Dunedin – that means you’d have to walk up it almost 19 times to get 10,000 steps! Thanks to Hannah, our legendary Community Fundraising Coordinator for stepping up to the challenge.

We still have plenty of New Zealand Red Cross Cups to give away. All you need to do is sign up to Red Cross Journey, be one of the first 100 participants to raise $100 and we’ll send you a KeepCup!

Red Cross Journey is our annual fundraising step challenge - with a difference. Walk 10,000 steps a day for 21 days and learn about the journey of someone involved with Red Cross while raising funds to help people in need.

For more information or to make a donation, visit: www.redcrossjourney.org.nz...

Thank you for your support.

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13 days ago

Driving Instructor

Ross from Papakura

Does anyone know of a good driving instructor that they would recommend? My 17 year old wants to sit his restricted license and will need some lessons.
Thanks for your help with this.

2 days ago

Our pups are missing

Ilse from Karaka

Whos seen Ruby and Sonny. Dissapeared from 153 Lewis road, Karaka about 11 o clock today. They are chipped Brother and Sister. 10 MONTHS old but big dogs. Sonny is alot bigger than his sister. Not wearing their collars.
Please lets us know if you spot them, we are worried sick.


1 day ago


Nil from Manurewa

((((UPDATE TO BELOW INCIDENT: Met with Deputy Principal today at 1pm as the Principal was away. DP said she'll talk to the Teacher that afternoon. We mentioned we are taking further legal actions being the seriousness of it all. DP said since we have taken that step she'll then have to talk to the Principal and won't be able to do anything until then. So that was it, nothing done and we left. Human Rights called said let's see what they have to say and if we aren't happy with the outcome, then they'll step in. Human Rights also confirmed is absolutely unacceptable))))

INCIDENT: Our child attends "Leabank Primary School", Manurewa. Around 2pm yesterday in class my child asked her Teacher "why are we going to ICT? Teacher responded "cos you're just going and you smell like curry"! Infront of the whole class.

Infact our child has been away on Monday, returning back Tuesday as she was very ill, high fever, sick. Most of all "not eating well". Upon resuming school, I notified the office to please keep an eye on our child, if any concerns we are happy to pick her up anytime. Teacher knew how sick our daughter was prior days. Dr's confirmed her fit to return on Tuesday. Anyhow this was off conversation - "you smell like curry". (When daughter didn't even have curry to begin with).

How can a Teacher insult a child? Teachers should set a good example to our children who are in their learning stage.

We are very upset and shocked by all this. I can't imagine how embarrassed and insulted our child must have felt, where she had no say in this and alone without us/her parents at the time when this happened.

Day before yesterday, she was taking her lunch when one of her class student saw her and put his leg infront of her - SHE FELL on the cement flooring! She was hurt badly, with injury scratch marks, and her lunchbox with food fell from her hands too. Food had scattered everywhere. List just goes on within this school. This is simply called BULLYING!