54 days ago

BP petrol discount rip-off.

Henry from Awapuni

If you are an AA member you can get a 10c/L discount at BP stations, usually on Wednesdays and sometimes Saturdays. Yesterday, I went and filled up at BP Fitzherbert Ave. The advertised price was 214.9c/L, which I thought was a bit high, but came down to 204.9 with the discount. My wife went to BP Pioneer and filled up, the advertised price was 209.9c/L, down to 199.9c/L with the discount!
I decided to check prices today, knowing that you can usually get a 6c/L discount at most stations;
BP Pioneer 209.9 (203.90). BP Fitzherbert 210.0 (204.9).
Mobile Pioneer 209.9
New World Pioneer 207.9 (201.9)
Challenge West End 207.9 (201.9)
I know it is common for prices to go up on certain occasions, but to use an AA promotion for its members is ripping them off!
I don't think I will bother with future discounts unless they can be shown as genuine.

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5 days ago

Traffic at kidney shape roundabout

Quinton from Milson

Has anyone else experienced the major traffic backing up on both Gilespie and Tremaine coming into town? Its like our city exploded with traffic. I think the council might need to think of alternative traffic management there as they constantly need to patch holes there too.

3 days ago

Graphics card

Quinton from Milson

Hi neighbours,

Im looking for a good graphics card for a replacement computer I am building for myself.
Can anyone reccomend a place where I can get one....its over 2k for one...absolutely ridiculous!

12 hours ago

“Have you got kids?”

The Team from Red Cross Shop Palmerston North

The Red Cross Shop has a three quarter size snooker/pool table for sale,including cues and balls.
Great starting point for kids of all ages
$150.00 the lot
View at the Red Cross Shop corner of Tremaine Ave and Malden Street P.Nth