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My Simple Thing...

Sue from Takaro

The simple things that makes me smile in this Covid ravaged world, (which from my own experience, appears to have made people on the whole, so much more self centred) - are when I come across people who still get immense pleasure from using their skills to make an extremely useful item, and then gift those items to hundreds of people in our city for free.
He did this because the pure selfless art of giving, (after he perceived a need in the community), is still happily but very occasionally alive and well.
This type of pure giving for the sake of helping others is so sadly rare these days. So having just witnessed it first hand at such levels is definitely what makes me smile.
Just recently on Neighbourly a really kind and thoughtful man saw a need for people who wore glasses, and had problems with fogging up of their glasses with our new need to wear masks, devised and made at his own cost, hundreds of clips to make wearing masks more comfortable and fog free when wearing glasses.
Now I have met Ben as I ordered more after he'd had to set a minimal fee to cover costs... and he is an extremely gifted all round kind person. Yet sadly I have not seen on neighbourly any significant mention of his enormously generous act of kindness that must have made a marked difference to such a large number of people.
Ben should be applauded, and certainly not just taken for granted!
This was a hugely time consuming task he took on, in spite of full time work and a young family.
When do we ever experience such kindness for the sake of helping others in need.
Thank you Ben so very much for your gift to our community of both the clips and your kind selflessness.

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Awapuni Vege Hub Contents this Week

Amy Houben from Awapuni Vege Hub

Kia ora koutou katoa,

Here is a list of produce we anticipate will make up this weeks Vege Hub $15 orders:


Internet banking orders need to be in by midnight Monday 25 October for pick up from your chosen location Thursday 28 October.

Remember to bring a couple of bags.

Instructions on how to order are attached. Your Internet Banking payment you make also serves as our ordering system.

I have also attached a copy of our Plant Fair poster coming up this Saturday!

Have a lovely rest of your Sunday everyone.

The Vege Hub Team

Ordering Instructions $15 NEW.pdf Download View

Plant Fair Poster 2021 (003).pdf Download View

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Get cybersmart and protect your business

Digital Boost

Hi Neighbour,

We’re all pretty well-versed in securing our homes when we head out the door to work, the shops, or a walk around the block. Locking the doors and setting the house alarm is second nature to many of us. But sometimes we aren’t quite so cautious when it comes to our online security, which protects many of our personal and business assets.

Although no one is immune - don't waste another minute worrying that your business might become a target. Instead, get clued up on a few easy steps you can take to keep yourself and your business safe.

Why not give your business a cyber security risk assessment or ensure you have secured your website - it’s simple and we can help.

Digital Boost is here to guide you through protecting yourself online - doing so may save you a lot of time and stress in the future. We've got simple-to-follow videos on everything from software updates to password authentication and phishing.

Safeguarding your business is time well spent, so arm yourself with the knowledge today!

The team at Digital Boost

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Paige from Roslyn - Terrace End

Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone has any boxes I could have as I'm currently packing my house to move I would be greatful for any boxes please and thank you