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The Manawatu District Council is not directly supporting Palmerston North Residents with groceries.

Michael Neighbourly Lead from Roslyn - Terrace End

Sorry for the long and blunt title but I have learned that the MDC website www.mdc.govt.nz... this number 06 323 0000 are not for residents of Palmerston North.

After contacting the Manawatu District Council, I was informed that this site and number are for rural places in the Manawatu which do not have a direct council. It is aimed at providing help with groceries or medication but it isn't for Palmerston North residents.

I am currently in communication with the Palmerston North City Council and have been informed that a similar site supporting for Palmerstonians is in progress but cannot accurately say when it will be up but it is hinted "Very Soon". I will keep you posted as soon as I hear anything.

Further to that I have enquired about what has been done with the information already submitted to MDC from Palmerstonians and have been told it was passed on back to the PNCC.

I have also asked PNCC if the info already submitted to MDC was able to be collated together in some way with the PNCC's upcoming support registration system, in any way people won't need to resubmit their applications and I am waiting to hear back on that.

So to recap, For those of us in Palmy,
1. Please do not apply to the MDC Support page
www.mdc.govt.nz... or contact 06 323 0000 this particular service is not for Palmerstonians.

2. Our Council is working on a similar system, it will be up very soon. I'll post here the moment I know.

3. If you have already applied to MDC, they sent your info back to PNCC in the hopes it can be integrated with PNCC support systems. I'm waiitng to hear back if that information can be used or if you need to reapply entirely when the PNCC COVID-19 Support site is up. I'll publish the info here as soon as I hear.

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Disabled car parks snatched away

Maxine Jacobs Reporter from Manawatū Standard

Mōrena kiritata,

People with disabilities are missing out on Palmerston North's nightlife because able bodied people are taking their parks after wardens go home.

Should parking wardens hours be extended, or should people gain some more respect.

3 hours ago

Free Microsoft Course - Term 3 Excel and PowerPoint - 20th July 2020

Sheila from Hokowhitu

Free Microsoft Course
Term 3 Excel and PowerPoint - starts Monday 20th July 2020
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An introduction to Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint
Explore and learn new skills.
Know how to:
• Design, layout and create spreadsheets, produce tables and explore graphs.
• Have fun with PowerPoint creating slides, adding animations and transitions.
Want more information on course delivery.
Email our tutor at sbarrass.211@literacy.org.nz and course information will be sent to you.

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Quinton from Milson

To the children pulling these bags out, PLEASE DO NOT! You are spoiling it for the dog owers and you are littering! If you are caught you will be reported and prosecuted!