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26 minutes ago

Personal Training

Oliver from Oliver Young Personal Trainer

Hi neighbours! My name is Oliver Young and I am a qualified Personal Trainer with 6 years experience and my own home gym located in Milson.

I currently have spots in the afternoon and 2 hours in the morning

What can I offer you?
- Workouts that fit your schedule
- Motivation and accountability
- Coaching help to reach your goals

Specialising in:
- Individual and pair training
- Weight loss
- Sports specific training
- Increase in fitness and strength
- People starting out on their fitness journey and needing guidance

Cost: One on One
$45 per session (each week)
2+ session each week $40 per session
*individual programs outside of the sessions are available at a set cost*

Message me if you have any further questions or are interested in training with me.

1 hour ago


Yvonne from Takaro

Hi, I've decided to move into a retirement village. I'm currently in a 3 bedroom home and most of the contents need to be sold. As soon as I get confirmation of dates etc, I will have a garage sale. But in the mean time, I may have something you would like. Call me on 027 223 6544 to arrange a time. I have a huge pile of fabric.

4 hours ago

Couples - get connected

Gail from Kelvin Grove

Get closer - Book a date night to remember