86 days ago

Just another flu

Debra from Milson

When people say Covid 19 is just like a flu, today I read this interesting story in Stuff about the 1918 Flu Pandemic which hit New Zealand so bad that "By early November 1918, there were 15 deaths a day in Auckland, and on November 12, this peaked to 83 deaths on a single day. By the end of the year around 1100 Aucklanders had succumbed to the virus." Taking into account that the population of Auckland was (308,766) this was a lot of deaths for the time. www.stuff.co.nz... I am sure they would have loved to have a Vaccine for the Spanish flu as we do for Covid 19, get vaccinated.

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5 hours ago

Wanted camping 3 way fridge freezer

Sammy from Roslyn - Terrace End

Wanted camping 3 way fridge freezer please for cash thanks please pm me

1 day ago


Nick from Awapuni

Hi neighbours just wondering if anyone has any old unwanted hotwheel cars they would like to gift

16 hours ago

Real Art: An Exhibition by Gael and Allen Gamble

The Feilding & District Art Society

The Feilding and District Art Society presents Real Art: an exhibition by Allen and Gael Gamble.

A prolific pair of artists, Allen and Gael work across subjects and mediums. For this exhibition, their works will be presented as three distinct sections comprising artwork that will be enjoyed by people of all ages and interests. Visitors will see farmyard animals cast in delightful pastels, as well as enjoying cartoons in the style of Thelwell. Also on display will be scenery from around the country, inspired by the works of Davella Gore, and ink and wash images of urban landscapes. Those with an interest in object art will also rejoice at the sight of 19th century soldiers cast in alloy and painted by hand.

With the Gambles together exhibiting over 60 works drawn from across their combined oeuvre, Real Art offers something for everyone and will be a true feast for the eyes - an exhibition not to be missed.