53 days ago

Annual food drive set to be canned due to sponsor woes and lagging goodwill

Matthew Dallas Reporter from Manawatū Standard

Morning Neighbours,
After running for 28 years, the big annual pre-Christmas food drive in Palmerston North is no longer considered viable. Part of the problem is potential sponsors don't want their name anywhere near plastic bags given their poor environmental reputation. However, the Salvation Army sends out recyclable bags.
Could you tell the difference between recyclable and non-recyclable plastic? Do you think businesses are overreacting, or does the annual cause need to change with the times?
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2 hours ago

Rash response to cafe note on nappy changing

Matthew Dallas Reporter from Manawatū Standard

Hi neighbours,
A two-sentence note to customers set off a firestorm of online emotion and negative reviews for a Palmerston North cafe. Are people too quick to be offended these days or are they justifiably riled?

3 hours ago
3 hours ago

I finally have a page on Facebook! - follow me on Facebook

Michelle Shailer from Creative

Hi Neighbours,

So I have been harassed for sometime to make a page on Facebook for my creations, and since it was getting hard to find photos and videos of everything I have "bitten the bullet" and created a Facebook page to share all my creations

I have added all the past jobs I could find in videos and photos and have invited people to join - if you are on Facebook and enjoy seeing my work please feel free to follow the page.

I appreciate any feedback so please view the photos and videos, react to them and comment any feedback :)