32 days ago

Car Boot Sale

Sonja from Awapuni

Nov 16th at arena Carpark, Waldegrave St. Come and buy, or buy a stall and sell some of your own stuff!
See poster for details


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18 hours ago

Handy Person Required

Janelle from Milson

Hi neighbours. Can you please recommend an honest and reliable handy person to do some painting and small jobs? Many thanks.

8 hours ago

He Ara Kotahi bridge not the place for padlocked romantic gestures

Matthew Dallas Reporter from Manawatū Standard

Morning Neighbours,
People love He Ara Kotahi bridge, but Palmerston North City Council is adamant they don't want any love locks on the bridge, fearing it may damage the lights. Fair call? Is there somewhere more appropriate where Manawatū romantics can feel like their in Paris, attach a padlock and throw away the key?

4 hours ago

FREE English lessons for your migrant employees

Helen van den Ende from English Language Partners - Palmerston North

Hey Employers, did you know that English Language Partners runs workplace English classes for your staff that have English as a second language and are FREE for Permanent residents or citizens. We can run a course at your workplace focusing on the language needs of your business. Topics covered can include health and safety, Kiwi English/slang, customer service, intercultural communication, documentation and reporting, meetings and negotiation. Contact us for more information


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