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7 hours ago


Julie from Richmond

Wednesday 10am - 1pm or 1pm - 4pm
Friday 1pm - 4pm customer service/till staff

Come and join our team
We offer a friendly team environment

10 hours ago

the best toothpaste

Linda from Nelson South

i tried mccleans toothpaste after 65 years and lots of tooth whitening products.......amazing please try and post your results it worked first time this company needs to be recognised not the others that do all the fancy advertising

1 day ago

Save the Maitai

Tony from Maitai

I wonder how many people realise that if the Kaka subdivision goes ahead there will be a through road from Atawhai Drive to the Maitai ?
I wonder if any of the 700 households will cycle to work in the city, or will they fight their way to Richmond everyday ?
I wonder how many people have thought about all the extra traffic in town and how it might affect them and their property value ?