Safeguarding Children Initiative

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Safeguarding Children Initiative
18 Nile Street West
Nelson 7010

Safeguarding Children Initiative is a registered charitable organization which aims to reduce child abuse in New Zealand by delivering FREE evidence-based seminars for participants. The seminars are multi-agency presentations from experienced practitioners working in the field. Attendees come from the community: health, education, recreation, social work, faith and the general public. Many people who attend say that the training we offer is the most informative and practical they have ever attended. We offer free training in child protection for participants as we believe no one should have to pay for child protection training. The seminars: 1) Safeguarding Children & Young People - How to recognize signs of abuse and neglect, what to do, who to go to, your role, dilemmas, child protection policies, what they are and why, internet health and safety. 2) Child Protection Policy - SCI are now offering seminars to help you develop robust child protection policies and procedures no matter which organisation you represent or are connected to. 3) Attachment and Vulnerability - SCI are delighted to present seminars on attachment and vulnerability theory and its role in protecting children. Fully understanding the development needs of young children can alert us to the damaging risk of neglect and abuse, resulting in early interventions before long term harm has occurred. This is your chance to ask any question to people who work on the front line. Register to a seminar today. To do nothing is not enough.

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