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Continuous Spouting Hawkes Bay Ltd

Don't let this happen to you.. Give us a call 8432333

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No speakee topics

Collin from Hospital Hill

Just got a message from Jacinda Ardern
which invited me to reply, which of course was an option that was not available, as they probably figured i would go on about her 'all talk' conglomeration of holders of baubles of office.

Actually Jacinda reminds of Obomba - many words & no benefit for us plebs.

Keep in mind neighbourly's very own thought police had this to say to me in August 2017 "On Neighbourly we ask members to avoid posting their opinions on non-local issues, or topics that are widely known to be controversial or polarising (such as religion, politics, vaccinations or water fluoridation)."

But roll forward to Nov 2019, pre election, and posting on politics is quite OK - as long as it is not the likes of yours truly.
Next thing Little's thought police will be after me!

2 hours ago

Poll: Should car washing be banned from driveways?

Marty Sharpe Reporter from Hawke's Bay News

The council is proposing to ban car washing from driveways but allowing it on grass or gravel. What do you think?

Should car washing be banned from driveways?
  • 25% Great idea - it protects aquatic life
    25% Complete
  • 8.3% I don't have any grass or gravel
    8.3% Complete
  • 41.7% I'll ignore the ban
    41.7% Complete
  • 25% Surely there are worse polluters
    25% Complete
12 votes