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3 days ago

Suggest a podiatrist please

Shiva from Greenmeadows

Hi community, can you please suggest a podiatrist in Napier ( specialized in diabetic foot). My mum is visiting us for 3 months and has a foot ulcer which needs dressing every week. I want to know someone genuine and does a good job please. Thanks in advance.

6 hours ago

What is Fabric Pilling?

Robert Anderson from Curtain Clean (Hawkes Bay Chem-Dry)

Whilst it can be unsightly, pilling is not a fabric defect or flaw.

You’ve no doubt had clothing, furniture or blankets that have developed ‘pills’ over time, or little lint balls, that can make the fabric look worn. This undesired texture is caused by loose or broken fabric fibres that rise to the surface and knot together after being rubbed or subjected to any friction. The loose fibres that are bunched into balls also bring in strands that are still secured to the fabric itself, thus the balls stick around on the exterior. Even though people are dismayed to see pilling on their items, understanding fabric pilling helps to prevent and remove these bothersome balls.

Causes of Fabric Pilling
What does it mean when fabric is pilling? Pilling is a result of normal wear and tear that causes friction on the fabric. Simply wearing clothes, using your couch or otherwise rubbing up against the material gives the possibility of pilling. Washing and drying clothes or fabric can also speed up the pilling process as it causes multiple surfaces to rub together fairly quickly and for a long period of time.

Sometimes you can have pilling that differs in colour to the base fabric as multiple coloured fibres have migrated and twisted together. Although not desired, a little decorative perhaps?

Pilling is more noticeable on synthetic fibres. This is mainly because natural fabrics shed loose fibres easily and naturally slip away so they tend to not become matted into balls. However, synthetic fibres are extremely strong, so it will pill and then remain strongly attached to the fabric.

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6 hours ago

Your children are amazing!

NumberWorks'nWords Hawkes Bay

Every child is unique. At NumberWorks'nWords, we know that your child is amazing already. We just help them prove it, so that they shine when it's their time! ?