33 days ago

Boat sinks near Pilot Bay wharf

Letitia Atkinson Reporter from SunLive

A caller to the 0800 SUNLIVE hotline says a boat has been smashing against the wharf at Pilot Bay due to the rough weather.

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1 day ago


Eileen from Papamoa Beach

I hope someone can help me. I was parked in the carpark at Bayfair mall behind farmers near where the buses come in. I had backed out of my park and was ready to drive off when I saw a vehicle start to back out about 4 parks down from me. I beeped my horn several times but the vehicle kept coming. I then stood fully on my horn but it scraped down the side end of my car. The driver said he was "away with the fairies" and didn't hear my horn. He told his Insurance Co that we were both reversing at the same time which is a lie and I now have to pay half the repair bill. A man in a car parked in front of me saw the whole thing. If you are the man and reading this can you please contact me on 0210440978. Maybe someone mentioned this incident to you. My car is a Honda Accord colour pale blue and the other vehicle was a grey lexus SUV. Unfortunately there are no security cameras operating in that outside carpark. I would be grateful if I can get some proof of this as currently it is his word against mine.

7 hours ago

Community outcomes

Communications from Tauranga City Council

Hit the link now to have your say on our refreshed ‘community outcomes’.

These are the five main goals we set for ourselves. They help determine how the city will look and feel in the future, and they also help us prioritise our funding.

The survey closes July 26.

7 hours ago

How eco-friendly is your grocery shopping?

Jo Haywood Reporter from Homed

Most of us like to think we're doing what we can to lessen our impact on the environment, but how green is your weekly shop?

Beyond the eco-swaps you’ve probably already made, here are some of the least eco-friendly grocery store items to steer clear of next time you're loading up your trolley, with minimal disruption to your routine.