46 days ago

Concerned: The State of Hamilton's Roads and Sidewalks

Maureen from Tamahere

Has anyone else noticed how incredibly filthy the roads and sidewalks have become recently, especially when entering and exiting Hamilton from the South?

There's an alarming amount of debris and trash around the off-ramp toward Airport Road and its surroundings. And not even one trash bin on either of these pedestrian paths.

Who is responsible for this, and why haven't we seen any campaigns from councils to address the littering?

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5 days ago

Are you a first home buyer?

The Team Reporter from Stuff

Are you a first home buyer? Is your mortgage going up and up with rising interest rates and you’re now struggling to make ends meet? Have you lost the ability to save any extra cash?

We’re reaching out from the Tova show, the flagship weekly politics podcast on Stuff, as we prepare a special episode on the interest rate crunch and how it’s affecting Kiwis - we’d love to hear your stories.

Please comment below if you would like to share your story, or email tova@stuff.co.nz. We give you our commitment to treat your experience with sensitivity and care.

6 days ago

Poll: Would you pay more to scrap card surcharges?

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

We are used to tapping our card to pay in stores, but we are now having to decide whether to swipe it, insert it or use paywave depending on credit card surcharges. It can all be a bit tiring!

Would you rather that a retailer's card surcharges were just built into the cost of the items themselves? Share your thoughts below.

Type 'Not For Print' if you wish your comments to be excluded from the We Say You Say column of your local paper.

Would you pay more to scrap card surcharges?
  • 16.7% Yes
    16.7% Complete
  • 80.8% No
    80.8% Complete
  • 2.4% Other - I'll share below
    2.4% Complete
2496 votes
1 day ago

Rural Broadband needs YOU!

The Team from NZ Compare

Ready to make a difference? Join the Commerce Commission’s Measuring Broadband NZ Programme and help improve rural broadband. Volunteer now!