51 days ago

what on earth is the point .....

Mike from South Whangarei

Our new telephone book was delivered today. Not only is it only two thirds the size of the previous version which was pretty useless in it's own right it turned out that we are no longer listed in it. Comparison between the new one and its predecessor shows that we are in the middle of a list of about 30 phone subscribers who have been simply left out this year. (quality control/competence anyone?)

Wow! isn't this great customer service to people who have had the same phone at the same address for more than the last 20 years.

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42 minutes ago

Volunteers Needed – just two hours makes a huge difference!

Service Centre Administrator from Red Cross - Whangarei Service Centre

New Zealand Red Cross are holding our Annual Street Appeal between Monday 16th and Saturday 21st March 2020.

Please help raise money for our much-needed programmes and services here in Aotearoa.

This year, we are aiming to reach 4,000 hours of volunteer collection time. Any time that you can give will help us reach our goal!

It couldn’t be easier to get involved, just click on this link to see where & where we’re collecting – and sign up!


Or phone us on 0800 Red Cross

When amazing supporters like you help us fundraise, you help us do good. You help us deliver our programmes such as NZ disaster preparedness and response (inc. our Restoring Family Links tracing service), Meals on Wheels, community transport and migration services.

And please spread the word – get friends, family and colleagues involved too!

Or if you can't take part directly, please help us with our volunteer recruitment drive by forwarding this sign-up link to anyone and everyone!

Thank you!

3 days ago

Poll: Is the message to not leave dogs in hot cars getting through?

Denise Piper Reporter from Whangarei Leader

The SPCA says a new $300 fine is helping to spread the warning that people should not leave their dogs in hot cars.
What do you think - is the message getting through to dog owners?

Is the message to not leave dogs in hot cars getting through?
  • 17.2% Yes, the $300 fine helps
    17.2% Complete
  • 6.9% Yes, owners better understand the risks
    6.9% Complete
  • 69% No, I still see dogs in hot cars
    69% Complete
  • 6.9% Other (please say what in the comments below)
    6.9% Complete
29 votes
3 days ago

What do you think of the Tangiteroria fire?

Denise Piper Reporter from Whangarei Leader

UPDATE: The Tangiteroria Sports Complex fire was deliberately lit. The Tangiteroria community is in mourning after its Sports Complex was razed in a fire in the early hours of Thursday. The complex was the heart of the rural community and held plenty of history after being built by local families. What do you think?