15 days ago

Beautiful boys, looking for a caring home.

Alison from Richmond

Looking for a home for our two beautiful cats. Unfotunately we can't take these 2 with us when we relocate to the N Island. Feel free to txt me directly on 0273891102

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1 day ago

Should councils stop using glyphosate?

Katy Jones Reporter from The Nelson Mail

Environmental activists recently protested outside Nelson City Council, calling for the council to stop using the weedkiller, glyphosate, which they said harms bees. Glyphosate (contained in 90 products in New Zealand, including Roundup) is used by farmers and ecologists alike, but some scientists in New Zealand say we don't know enough its long term effects on the environment, and it should classified as hazardous. What do you think?

16 hours ago

1/2 Price Women’s Clothes

The Team from Red Cross Shop Stoke

Treat the lady in your life or just simply treat yourself.

All women’s clothing is 1/2 price till Saturday 8 May at the Red Cross in Stoke.

We have heaps of merino and coats to keep you snuggly warm. See you soon

1 day ago

How much of a fish do you use?

Carly Gooch Reporter from The Nelson Mail

Thousands of fish carcasses are being binned every week, and that includes fish heads and the frames that still have plenty of meat on them. What parts of a fish do you use? What should Nelson be doing to ensure fish isn't going to waste?