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July 2020 MEET UPS

Miriam Gratton from

Richmond Group - The Wooden Spoon 251 Queen Street, Richmond 10.30-11.30am Host Is: Annabelle
1st Wednesday in the Month - 1st July 2020 (Front door entry)

Men's Group - Richmond New Life Church, 85 Wensley Rd, 2nd Monday in the Month - 13th July 2020
1-3pm Host: Peter

Nelson Group - Halifax Cafe, 2.30-3-30pm
3rd Monday in the Month - 20th July 2020.
As there are a number of people attending, is there someone who would act as Host and take new persons names, email addresses and contact number please to pass on to Coordinator. It is pleasing to see this Group growing again. Brigeeta Light our Assistant Coordinator is often at this meeting.

Motueka Group - Motueka Community Services, Meeting Room 15 Courtenay Street
11am-noon 3rd Tuesday in the Month 20th July 2020. This venue may be changed occasionally, but not without warning.
Host: Miriam

Please Note Members: Our Group is not only for ME/CFS but for Fibromyalgia also. This Group covers a lot of interrelated issues, some of us have several.

Some of you may have heard about this lady during the past month, Sarah Ramsey - "Woman with a Mystery Illness" Apparently it is worth a listen to, and also Kim Hill refers back to the end of the interview to her earlier interview with Prof Ron Davies.
ninetonoon/audio/2018749885/sarah-ramey-woman-with-a-mystery-illness from RNZ

Our Treasurer Rex Nowland advises that there have been a number of donations to our Group Bank Account, this is appreciated for the Groups future advancement.
There will be Koha boxes at some of the meetings even a gold coin is appreciated.

Some people do not have Facebook nor are on Neighbourly, there are some Great Websites available for all of us to peruse. If you have any favourites, please let me know. Plus also look at www.anzmes.org.nz... It is continually updated with current information.

Take care all of you in this cold weather, be safe. Best health vibes to all.

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Is this in your calendar???