32 days ago

What would you do with $50 million?

The Team Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

Lotto's $42 million Powerball rolled over on Wednesday night, boosting the prize to $50m on Saturday - potentially the biggest ever.

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What would you do with $50 million?

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4 days ago

Covid-19, kids, and playgrounds.

Kelvin from Richmond

Who are the useless parents allowing their kids to ride their bikes around the neighbourhood, and play in Harriet Reserve (Richmond) area?
I watched a group of kids riding their bikes over the dirt jumps there and another couple of kids came down the road to join them. No 'social distancing' going on.
Come on people...this virus kills and you let your kids out to play with any number of random kids?

3 days ago


Pene from Stoke

How about if we post the best jokes we have heard on a joke post. It would give everyone a bit of a giggle in these strange and stressful times we are going thru. There are a lot of people that could do with cheering up.

2 hours ago


Francey Neighbourly Lead from Stoke

a friend told she had a phone from her anti-virus provider say that this was not available and would crash her computer. they knew her name phone number, how much she paid to renew her subscription, and when. They convinced her to let them into her computer & also want her to sign into her bank account ,as they would refund her subscription plus, she argued over that. the phone went dead, but she could see them doing things on the computer and rang a friend & was told to pull the plug it was a scam which she did, her friend had a friendwith computer business who was able to clear out what they had done.
the phone call came form California and the person talk had a Indian accent she saw where they phoned from she had said that she usually deals with Australia & was told that they were handling it because of the COVID-19
These people will try anything & find new ways
my friend gave permission
Mess age