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Mapua Volunteer fire news

The Team from Mapua Volunteer Fire Brigade

20/10/19 07:20 2 car MVC sh60 near Dominion Rd, left with Police. One crossed the center line.
24/10/19 18:17 unattended fire off Stafford Dr near beach access, put a load off water on it.
2/11/19 20:43 Bonfire Kina Peninsula Rd., left with person in attended

4/11/19 10:43 alarm activation Mahana estates, activation cause by dust from builders

5/11/19 13:09 Cardiac arrest Awa Awa Rd, stood down at station.

17/11/19 21:15 Tanker to a fire off Tasman View Rd, Lower Moutere, stood down at Harley Rd

Calls this year = 80

Safety Tip – Be safe.

Caravans and sleep-outs are great fun, but they also carry a much greater risk of fire than a traditional home.

These tips will help keep you safe:

• Every caravan should be fitted with a long-life photoelectric smoke alarm.

• Never leave children alone in your caravan. Keep matches and lighters out of their reach.

• Have a fire extinguisher or fire blanket near the exit and make sure you know how to use it.

Lighting and heating

• Use proper lighting units or torches. Don't use candles as they may start a fire.

Appliances and gas cylinders

• Check electrical appliances for frayed cords and other damage. Caravans should also have a current Electrical Warrant of Fitness.

• Caravans and sleep-outs often use gas cylinders to fuel cooking. Make sure you read our tips on using gas cylinders safely to reduce your risk of fire.

Smoke alarms

Caravans and sleep-outs are often small, so it might be necessary to install a smoke alarm near a cooking area. To avoid false alarms, use the silence feature to put the smoke alarm into a 'hold' status when you're cooking.

Press the button before you start cooking to silence the alarm for a pre-set period of time, between 8 and 15 minutes depending on the brand.

For fire safety info go to - fireandemergency.nz...

for fire permits go to - www.checkitsalright.nz...

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13 hours ago

Tell us about the coronavirus lockdown champions in your community

The Team Reporter from Stuff

Hey neighbours,

We want to celebrate the unsung heroes who are keeping our country going through lockdown.

Frontline nurse Debra Larsen's life has turned into a "real whirlwind" since the coronavirus outbreak began.

She's been so busy setting up testing centres around the Waikato. and helping them run smoothly that she's barely seen her two teenage daughters.

Do you know a coronavirus lockdown champion who deserves to be recognised? Tell us about them in the comments below.

To read more about Debra's life on the frontline, click here.

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Are you savouring the birdsong during lockdown?

Katy Jones Reporter from The Nelson Mail

Some Nelsonians say they are noticing local birdlife more since the coronavirus lockdown. Are you enjoying watching or listening to the birds in your backyard? Is it one of the upsides of the lockdown?

7 hours ago

April Challenge Month

NumberWorks'nWords Richmond

Here are our 2nd week of challenges. Might help fill in a bit of time and a great thing to do as a family.