44 days ago

AS NEW – Sodastream machine and sugarless flavourings.

Pam from Richmond

AS NEW – Sodastream machine and 4 bottles of “SweetLeaf” liquid Stevia (sugarless) flavourings.

Value $255, cost $80 (looking for a quick sale)

When I was diagnosed a Diabetic, a friend suggest I buy these sugar-free Soda Stream flavourings to replace my habit of drinking Classic Coke, etc. Stevia is not sugar, it is a sugar substitute made from a South American leaf. It has 0 calories.

I only opened the Vanilla Cream flavouring and tried it once – the taste was fine, but in the months following my diagnosis I had given up my desire for fizzy drinks. Three flavour bottles are still sealed.

The Sweetleaf SUGARLESS flavouring was US$15 a bottle (NZ$23)
The Sodastream machine was $159, but I bought it on sale for $119

Also comes with a quilted cotton “tea cozy” cover

Price: $80

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7 hours ago

Modellers Pond

Barry from Stoke

The pond could cost 3 million on front page of today's Mail.Green Meadows was a similar original estimate and ended up over double.Can we take the gamble? For that amount of money a smaller purpose built facility for the modellers perhaps could be built at Saxtons or where ever and the original pond left as it is.Fill it with carp and other algae and weed eating fish which are allowed in NZ .Could be quite an attraction for taking kids fishing and also another drawcard for Tahuna . Birds and other wildlife would probably access the area once a food source was available.Thinking out loud .. what do think Mr NCC..

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By sharing your light you light the way for others.

The Team from Neighbourhood Support New Zealand

Tis the season... let's help make other's holidays more merry and bright.


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"Tis the season to support local"


“Wouldn’t it be great if there was a central directory of locally-made, ethically-produced and upcycled gift ideas?

Well, hold the phone - Makers & Local by Ecomailbox have done exactly this, and it’s EPIC! There’s gifts broken into categories, DIY ideas, an eco advent calendar, social enterprises to support, low-waste gift wrapping inspo, and even gorgeous must-see beaches to explore over summer.

Plus 24 of NZ’s eco bloggers have shared their tips for a Merry Mindful Christmas. From great crafty activities, DIY gifts & acts of kindness to celebrate the festive month of December more mindfully and sustainably.

Read more in the Makers & Local guide now.
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