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Mapua Volunteer fire news

The Team from Mapua Volunteer Fire Brigade

15/8/19 23:13 down lights on fire Coastal Highway near Robinson Rd. minor damage to inside house.
29/8/19 13:30 fire on Neudoef Rd, turn back
02/9/19 13:53 small unpermitted fire out of control Seaton Valley Rd, used tanker to put out.

12/9/19 10:15 car and caravan rolled SH60, may have fishtailed due to wrong loading

12/9/19 18:44 persons stuck in lift, pry door open.

Calls this year = 66

Safety Tip – Be safe.

Check smoke alarms are working, clean alarms

For fire safety info go to - fireandemergency.nz...

for fire permits go to - www.checkitsalright.nz...

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17 hours ago

Connings food market

Reinhard from Mapua

Hi guys,

I have just signed a petition to get Connings reopened. Connings, a local produce food market was closed by the government. So, instead of driving 12 kilometres to Connings we now have to drive 18 kilometres to the supermarkets in Motueka. There we can buy veges at high prices which were transported from who knows to Motueka, handled by dozens of people.
In the 15 years I am in NZ this is only the second petition I signed because I support this.
Go ahead and sign it here: chng.it...

Support a local business with local products.

5 days ago

Today's Leader

Barnaby Sharp Reporter from The Nelson Mail

This story and others like it are in this week's Leader, and it will be delivered, keeping you informed during these extraordinary times. Stay safe, look out for each other and together, we'll all get through this.

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Pene from Stoke

How about if we post the best jokes we have heard on a joke post. It would give everyone a bit of a giggle in these strange and stressful times we are going thru. There are a lot of people that could do with cheering up.