89 days ago

Saying it right

Sally Kidson Reporter from The Tasman Leader

Kiwis have been mispronouncing place names for decades, but that doesn't make it tika (correct). As part of Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori Stuff asked tutors at NMIT to take us through how to say some commonly mangled place names. Have a look at the video on this story for some tips. What tips do you have?

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27 days ago

Housing Market October Statistics

Diane from Diane Parish - Blenheim Real Estate Agent

Take a look at what the housing market was doing around New Zealand for October 2019. 🏠

4 hours ago

It is that time of year!

NumberWorks'nWords Richmond

We hope at this time of year you are getting close to having a break and a well deserved holiday.

15 hours ago

Modellers Pond

Barry from Stoke

The pond could cost 3 million on front page of today's Mail.Green Meadows was a similar original estimate and ended up over double.Can we take the gamble? For that amount of money a smaller purpose built facility for the modellers perhaps could be built at Saxtons or where ever and the original pond left as it is.Fill it with carp and other algae and weed eating fish which are allowed in NZ .Could be quite an attraction for taking kids fishing and also another drawcard for Tahuna . Birds and other wildlife would probably access the area once a food source was available.Thinking out loud .. what do think Mr NCC..