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How to be more Neighbourly...

The Team from

Being Neighbourly is a lot more than just signing up to the website. It’s about taking the next step and being helpful and friendly to those around you. There are loads of different ways to be Neighbourly - here are a few suggestions from us.

13 hours ago

What's On: Turangi Cancer Support Group

Jacky from Taupo Central

If cancer has touched your life personally or a family member or friend, please join us for morning tea as we care and support each other."
Turangi Cancer Support Group
  • Community Hall, St Joseph the Worker Church
1 day ago

More access for pumping mums?

The team Reporter from Taupō Times

Waikato mum of two, Sheena Thompson, is calling out shopping centres for not having accessible power sockets or private rooms for pumping mums in parenting facilities.

It's not uncommon for mums to pump breast milk in hot cars, cleaning cupboards, shower stalls or in disabled toilets due to a lack of lactation rooms. Are you a mum who's struggled with this?