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Let’s Walk for Dementia Wellington!

Alzheimers NZ

Dementia affects us in more ways than one, and more of us than we realise.

That’s why this September, thousands of Kiwis will joining Memory Walks to show their support for all those living with dementia.

Will you join us this World Alzheimers Month?

Where: Midland Park in the city
When: 12.30pm Wednesday 25th September

Register today at alzheimers.org.nz
Let’s make dementia top of mind.
Register now

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5 days ago

PC or Not? A Warning & A Last Chance to Act!

Richard from Hutt Central

A three-storey, 10+ metre high, 3.5 metre high/45˚ boundary recession plane development, having a site coverage of up to 60%, could becoming on a property near you!

Make no mistake, the claim that proposed Plan Change 43 residential intensification is going to be “targeted” in and around transport hubs (alone), is at best propaganda and an over simplification, or at worst a patent deception.

Any Medium Density or General Residential zoned property is a potential target - from Eastbourne to Stokes Valley and the Western Hills to Wainuiomata, and this in addition to the nine (and no, that’s not a misprint) proposed Suburban Mixed-Use Activity Areas around these supposed “transport hubs.”

General Residential zoned land will likely require a minimum site area of 1,400m2, or thereabouts, but note that’s not a whole lot more than one of the old ubiquitous ‘quarter-acre’ dreams. Hill Residential and Historic Residential are to be spared, but these are in the substantial minority.

The hypocrisy of all this is that, the Council is purportedly here to protect our well-being, but not only are they potentially going to permit a significant, all-but indiscriminate impact on your sunlight, general privacy and amenity with these potential behemoths, but they could well endorse this while they know full-well that Melling is an identified flooding choke point - putting lives and property in harm’s way. Moreover, you will recall that they have only just recently announced a “Climate Emergency.” Beats me how increasing the density of buildings and population, while purportedly acknowledging an increased potential for flooding and sea-level rise, is consistent with such a declaration?

PC 43 is currently awaiting the decision of appointed Commissioners, with their recommendations to be put before the newly elected Council for final ratification (or, hopefully, otherwise if you make your views known) in the very near future. At this point, it’s looking more than likely that they’ll give it a “green light.” If this concerns you as it very well should, be sure that whoever you’ve voted for knows what you think and what you expect of them.

This whole intensification/densification process is couched on the belief that it will make housing more abundant and purportedly more affordable, yet one or two floors of those proposed developments around the nine transport hubs can be given over to commercial activities, such as cafés/restaurants/offices and the like. With our city centre languishing, is that what the Hutt really wants or needs? And, is that affordability going to be at the expense of living quality, general visual amenity and privacy?

Granted, that “affordability” might very well come about, but through the unintended consequences of creating an environment within which fewer people desire to live - and that quite apart from the social and health ramifications that have proven to follow such activity.

If this intensification were to be only around major transport hubs and then to be predominantly residential in character, then that has an element of merit, but elsewhere and indiscriminately so, that’s a definite “no” from me… what about you? What’s currently proposed is certainly not the kind of city and neighbourhood my family, friends or those with similar sentiments want to live in.

If you didn’t object to the original proposal, it’s still not too late to have your say. You can comment below and/or, more importantly, make an effort by making it known to those that you’ve chosen to represent you. This is no time for complacency – please take a stand for Your City and its future.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention – all ratepayers are going to be funding a full review of the District Plan that I believe has already commenced. Be advised, that such will be a long shot away from ‘small change’ in terms of cost folks. Tell me why then would we want to introduce PC 43 at this time? Generations will likely pass wearing the consequences of this potential blight on the cityscape, so why then jump into a stop-gap and very much ‘knee-jerk reaction measure’ in response to aspirational rather than real growth rates and, moreover, something that is in the early stages of a more comprehensive review in any event?

After nearly 60 years you may have noted that they’ve demolished some examples of our last foray into three-storey residential development and those were by the acclaimed architect, Gordon Wilson. Let’s not have a repeat anytime soon by less accomplished designers, more especially those given encouragement and mandated permission to maximise height and density, all the while minimising open spaces with an overriding profit motive that, potentially, will have a far greater detrimental impact on your neighbouring environment. Please don’t complain after the event if you’ve done nothing to prevent it, or at least caused pause for further thought.

Reply, join the "Group", or better still get in you local Council representatives ear if you want to have your say.

6 hours ago

What's On: Lower Hutt Garden Circle

Margaret from Naenae

Jutta Chisholm is demonstrating how to make sprays and buttonholes. Amazing how little you need to make delightful items. All welcome. Afternoon tea provided. Reminder to members-Bus Trip fee due.
Lower Hutt Garden Circle
  • Senior Citizens' Room, Queensgate
6 hours ago


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