135 days ago

Possible lost pet or livestock black Swedish duck

Leah from Naenae

We just had a different type of duck show up here, when I looked and found the breed, I learned it's a domestic breed either kept as a pet or for meat and eggs so figured I'd post about it just in case someone had their duck go missing, it certainly isn't acting like a wild duck

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8 days ago

Cattle farming - it's bad for us

Greg from Woburn

One cow produces more methane than 7 sheep
One cow produces more methane than 60 pigs
One cow produces more methane than 800 humans
Methane is 84 times more potent (for climate change) than CO2.
One cow has an annual effect equivalent to an average car travelling 15,500 km.
On top of this, dairy uses coal to produce milk powder.
And they import cattle feed and fertilizer.
And contribute to nitrate water levels higher than world health standards.
But the government asks farmers to pay only 5% of their ETS. Taxpayers pay the rest.
Subsidies to farmers are greater than the taxes they pay. Taxpayers pay the difference.


5 days ago

Poll: Do you support Wellington airport expanding?

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Supporters say it will bring more people and money to the region, and create room for updated aviation technology as it advances. Opponents say it will mean more noise, pollution and climate emissions while the rest of the city works to reduce them."
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Do you support Wellington airport expanding?
  • 75.1% Yes
    75.1% Complete
  • 24.9% No
    24.9% Complete
1068 votes
12 hours ago

Household furniture

Sharon from Wainuiomata

My friend is moving and she has instructed me to sell her furniture. We have a double seater lazyboy couch, dining table, a dresser, a long free standing mirror, 2 fridges (one medium size good beer fridge and 1 larger one), a washing machine and drier, 2 bedside cabinets and other things. The larger fridge fridge, washing machine and drier can be picked up on 33 June but the rest needs gone.