67 days ago

New Council Rubbish Collection

Diane from Epuni

We have heard a lot recently about the new council rubbish arrangements. This will not be an option, there will be no other option. We were previously very happy with Al's Litter Bins, who provided a fabulous service. I think we need to hear from council about what will happen to these other companies, now that the council are taking away their employment. Come on HCC - front up to let us know what will happen to these workers.

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14 hours ago

Way Back Wednesday

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Hey Neighbourly folk, what do you think is going on here? Hint, it used to be an annual event.

12 hours ago

Soames Island day out

Sandra from Normandale

Took the family to Soames Island via the East West Ferry for Anniversary Day. Fantastic walks, picnic and took all our own stuff home.

1 day ago


Jane from Naenae

Hi neighbours,2 boxes Pears have been donated n would love you to come an get some.A.bit speckled but ok to Stew.Also buns n rolls.Hopefully we will have Tomatoes too.Pataka fully laden.nga mihi.