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Friday Feathered Friend

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Rosa Marie has been busy again with her camera.
"I was just thinking that after such a busy week, I needed to get some nature related well-being but it just started pouring! However there is always something to see on our back yard.
Not only did our resident wonky legged Blackbird bring along his offspring to feed juicy worms from our lawn, but a pair of California quails paid us a visit too and enjoyed a good peck around our lawns. Old Wonky legged had a beautiful juicy worm to feed his young but it kept falling out of it's mouth...
Never a dull moment! Awesome to be able to capture all this!"

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7 days ago

Friday Feathered Friend

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

It is not Friday but here here is a bonus Friday Feathered Friend from Rosa Marie.
"Just something to make the bird loving followers smile a little....
One of our resident blackbirds has decided that he would prefer bathing in our cat's outdoor water bowl rather than in our very posh and elegant bird birth! His sparrow mate had to make do with washing in the puddle created by the blackbird's vigorous ablutions!"

4 hours ago

Summer Holiday Art Classes for Youth + Wine & Watercolour Evenings for Adults

Alfred Memelink Artspace Gallery

Summer Holidays Beginner Watercolour Classes at Artspace Gallery
The subjects for the next set of youth watercolour paintings will be the Monarch butterfly and four subjects inspired after seeing the Rita Angus exhibition now showing at Te Papa recently. For more info or to book, please follow bookwhen.com...

Local artist and experienced tutor, Alfred Memelink, will guide youth through their own watercolour painting in a fun and friendly environment in an wonderful classroom overlooking the sea. No previous art experience is required - these workshops are suitable for both beginners and also more experienced artists who would like to fine tune their skills and style. No need to worry about drawing as the painting outlines will already be drawn out for you so that we can focus on the joys of watercolour painting in a relaxed and enjoyable, step-by-step procedure.

$25 includes all materials supplied, (generously subsidized by Watercolour New Zealand Inc). Just drop your youth off then pick them up again two hours later when they'll show you their finished masterpiece with a beaming smile of creative satisfaction .

There are generally two classes for youth each day, a morning class (10 – 12) suitable for youth aged 7 – 11 and an afternoon class (1 – 3) more suitable for ages 12 – 18. However there is flexibility to allow friends and siblings to paint together if desired if they don't fit into this age group. Some youth classes maybe combined, ie for ages 7 – 18. There are also Wine & Watercolour twilight painting evenings for adults which are also ideal for group party and work social events for which vaccination passes are required.

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Fleur from Naenae

Looking for a cleaner 2 hours work. PM for details