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2 hours ago

Mayor opens Les Dalton Dog Park

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Mayor Campbell Barry opened the Les Dalton Dog Park with about 500 people and a large contingent of dogs in attendance, on Saturday.
In opening the park, Barry paid tribute to the late Les Dalton, who came up with the original vision for the idea.
Dalton worked for the Hutt City Council's animal control services team for 43 years, and was a prominent local and national voice about dog control.
Michelle Dalton, Les' daughter, spoke on behalf of the whānau, and said that she knew Les would be looking down on the park with a smile.

2 hours ago

Hutt dogs get lifetime tag

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Plastic dog tags are set to become a thing of the past in Lower Hutt, with the introduction of the One Tag for dog registrations.
The One Tag is a metal tag designed to last a dog's lifetime. Dog owners will still need to pay their annual registration fees, but they can keep using the same tag as long as they live in their council's jurisdiction.
Hutt City Mayor Campbell Barry says the One Tag initiative is being introduced to reduce the amount of plastic waste going to landfills.
Council infrastructure and regulatory committee Deborah Hislop said th council is seeing an increasing number of complaints from customers about sending them a piece of plastic each year which can't be recycled.
"Environmental sustainability is really important to our community, so our systems and processes need to reflect that. We're increasingly moving towards online transactions, so once the One Tags have been sent out this year, we'll be creating less paper waste too."
The One Tag is lightweight yet durable and comes in two sizes – 25mm for small dogs and 35mm for larger dogs. The back of the tag is blank so owners can get it engraved with their dog's name or their contact details if they wish.
Under the Dog Control Act 1996, all dogs are legally required to be registered by the age of three months. Registration is due by July 31 of each year and owners of unregistered dogs may be charged an infringement fee of $300.
Animal Control Officers can access registration records remotely when they are out on patrol to check whether a dog is currently registered.

2 days ago

Pet of the Day: Siam the klepto-cat

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

This week we feature Siam the klepto-cat. Not sure where Siam lives but the submission made by Sine Goldfinch was to good to ignore.
"Siam came in my cat door six years ago with this sponge in his mouth and dropped it at my feet as a gift for me. His owner gave him to me because he just refused to go and six years on, he still brings the same sponge to me every night. I'm pretty sure it is the equivalent of roses in his mind."
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