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We Say/You Say: How can Wellington's bike routes be improved?

Abby Irwin Reporter from The Hutt News

Kia ora neighbours,

Wellington City Council is seeking feedback until December 14 on its bike network plan.

The plan includes finishing Tahitai, the route around Evans Bay, and The Parade upgrade in Island Bay.

They are particularly looking for opinions of young Wellingtonians to be shared in the Tamariki Zone - the Council's online space for kids under 14 to have their say on developing safe and connected biking and scooting routes around the city.

Do you or your kids love biking and know how Wellington can be improved? Share your thoughts below and don't forget to type NFP if you don't want your comment featured in the conversations section of the Hutt News.

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Lorna Harvey from Age Concern Wellington Region

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Cattle farming - it's bad for us

Greg from Woburn

One cow produces more methane than 7 sheep
One cow produces more methane than 60 pigs
One cow produces more methane than 800 humans
Methane is 84 times more potent (for climate change) than CO2.
One cow has an annual effect equivalent to an average car travelling 15,500 km.
On top of this, dairy uses coal to produce milk powder.
And they import cattle feed and fertilizer.
And contribute to nitrate water levels higher than world health standards.
But the government asks farmers to pay only 5% of their ETS. Taxpayers pay the rest.
Subsidies to farmers are greater than the taxes they pay. Taxpayers pay the difference.