66 days ago

New Council Rubbish Collection

Diane from Epuni

We have heard a lot recently about the new council rubbish arrangements. This will not be an option, there will be no other option. We were previously very happy with Al's Litter Bins, who provided a fabulous service. I think we need to hear from council about what will happen to these other companies, now that the council are taking away their employment. Come on HCC - front up to let us know what will happen to these workers.

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1 hour ago

Did you spot the seal on Te Whiti Park

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

A seal found sunning itself on a Lower Hutt cricket pitch was tempted back into the water with sausages.
Cricketers were bowled over when they spotted the animal after arriving at Waiwhetu's Te Whiti Park about 8.20am on Monday to set up for a match.
Police said they and the Department of Conservation (Doc) were called to assist the seal, believed to weigh about 90kg.
While a Doc ranger was still on the way, police officers coaxed the seal into the Waiwhetu stream, which runs along the north side of the park, with some snags. It was last spotted heading downstream, towards the Hutt River mouth, which opens to the sea.

4 hours ago

What should the council do with the Petone wharf?

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

The much-loved wharf is currently closed after five piles were damaged in recent earthquakes.
Mayor Campbell Barry says the wharf is clearly in poor condition and the council wants to know what the public think about its future.
The council has budgeted $8m for repairs in 2032. It is clear, however, that the work needs to be done before then.
The council is expecting a new report soon on what the options are.
Former city councillor and council critic Max Shierlaw has already called for an “honest” debate on the future of the wharf.
“The Petone wharf is a luxury that no longer can be afforded or justified.”

1 hour ago

More problems with old Wellington pipes

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

A major waste water pipe has burst in central Wellington, closing roads and disrupting morning traffic. The pipe burst at the intersection of Victoria Street and Mercer Street yesterday afternoon. People in the central city are being asked to only flush the toilet if it is "essential".
The central Wellington sewerage pipe that broke, closing central city streets, was more than 100 years old.
Sewage flowed out onto the road after a pipe ruptured at the intersection of Victoria and Mercer streets on Monday afternoon.
Wellington Water confirmed the failed pipe was installed around the year 1910.
Repairing it is expected to take two to three days.