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Rubbish and recycling

The team from Hutt City Council

Looks like the message about glass-only recycling is having a hard time getting around. Only 20-30% of households are putting out glass-only crates. So we need your help!

Please share this post with 5-10 people you know in Lower Hutt. Not just on Facebook, txt or call them too. Then ask them to do the same and share the info. It's also a good opportunity to reach out, ask how they're doing.
🗑♻️ Your rubbish will be collected as normal, but please only put glass in your recycling crate for now ♻️🗑

All other recyclables either reuse or put into the rubbish.

Our contractors are using whatever fleet vehicles are available for glass-only pickup, so you will see trucks collecting that you'd normally see for rubbish only. Be assured, if you put out glass-only in your crate it is being sent for recycling.

🐰 Easter: The usual Friday refuse and recycling collections will be collected on Saturday 11 April, instead of Good Friday.

3 days ago

How is your pet reacting to you being around all the time?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

Coco follows her owner round the house all day, Buster has started barking at strangers, and Rover has already been walked by every member of the family today. Twice. Dogs are overjoyed to have humans home 24/7, but they're sensitive, and during times of human stress need special care. How are your pets coping?

1 day ago

unwanted cold calls

Jenny from Naenae

had a call from a Jehovah's Witness today, wanting to quote scriptures, do hope this is not going to become the norm, no salespersons religious or otherwise please.