73 days ago

Easy Christmas Craft

Barnardos Home-Based Early Learning - Upper Hutt

If you are looking for an activity that can keep the children busy before Christmas this easy craft will keep them busy for a while and looks beautiful for Christmas day.
Green paint
Small wooden/cardboard star
Gold/yellow paint
Small flower pot
Glue gun
Heavy stones
Beads/pompoms various colors and shapes

1. paint your pinecone green and allow to dry.
2. Paint the wooden/cardboard star gold/yellow. Allow to dry.
3. Use a glue gun to decorate the tree with beads/pompoms.
4. Place heavy stones in the flower pot to add some weight.
5. Glue the star on the top of the tree, and glue the tree onto the flower pot.
Alternatively you could place the pinecone in some playdough or clay to help it stand.

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Try and watch the video without smiling...

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

The grey pavement, sky, and drizzling rain are no match for the fluorescent orange figure grooving to unheard music on the side of Wellington's Evans Bay Parade.
Follow the read more link to check out his moves.

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What's On: Scottish Music club

Lynne from Belmont

A monthly club for musicians to get together to play some of the wonderful and varied tunes from Scotland. Music provided, piano available. Lynne Scott 021 846596
Scottish Music club
  • 11 Edwin Street
5 hours ago

What's On: Mind Body Spirit Fair

Kay from Totara Park

Lots of interesting stalls offering a variety of goods, books, crystals, astrology, palm reading, various kinds of healing, gemstones. One on one readings. Gold Coin Entry.
Mind Body Spirit Fair
  • Lower Hutt Events Centre