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Help give Kāpiti a Cancer Support Centre

Ione Slater from Cancer Society NZ - Kāpiti

Everyone deserves easy and equal access to cancer support, no matter who they are or where they live.

This much needed Kāpiti Support Centre will be there for those you know affected by cancer today and in the future.

The Cancer Society is 100% community funded, so we need your help to make it happen. Please donate today.
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6 hours ago

Thank you

Jane from Naenae

Good morning neighbours.Yayyy my bathroom is shining again n the passage way is freed up and most important,my Dog had his first bath n hes happy.A big fat Thank you to Caryl Cook who started the ball rolling as to what I should do with all the stuff I had.It has now all gone to Charity.The vouchers have been picked up ,with the exception of 3 which was donated back to me for our Community Pantry.(Pataka Aroha) Thank you.Ever so Grateful.There is so many of you I have met since being on Neighbourly even conversing with our new admin Jake.nga mihi Jake.Now 2 more things to do before retiring for Xmas with my family.Sat,Christmas in the Hood with an open air Movie to follow 4:30-7pm please bring the family and lastly, My Xmas Party with our special needs Children Mon.Again neighbours THANK YOU ONE N ALL for your support given me in Gifts,Food (pataka) Advice, n most of all Your loving caring Self.I love having you as my neighbour and just want to end ,Wishing you all a Very Merry Xmas.an Safe Travels to those who will be visiting Family.Lastly thsnk you to our Admin of Neighbourly Jake n the Crew.Nga mihi.koutou katoa 🌹🌹🌹

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Ngatokorua from Petone

hello neighbours, um im having this bad experience with my G.P, im a patient with the Hutt City Health Care in Lower, has you all know im on ACC since 29th of july of this year, has i needed a new Medical Certificate, from the 8th of this month till the 5th of February next year, because thats when i go and see my ORTHOPAEDIC SURGEON DR ROY GRAIG at Boulcott Hospital, so last week i booked an appointment to see a G.P for a new Medical Certificate has I needed for ACC, it cost me $43 a visit to the G.P for 15 minutes, yesterday was my appoinment, how ever my old G.P has left, so they appointed me a new G.P, her name is DR ANNE, i dont know her last name, she came out called my name and walked through to her office, her phone rang and said she has to take this call, so i walk in and waited for her, she walked in and said......what do you want?...i said i needed a Medical Certificate for ACC..... she interrupted me and said....no no no what do you want?.... so i explained to her that my shoulder is sore and plus i needed (M.C.) for ACC, She was so RUDE and talking down to me, i was so frustrated, she was repeating every word i was saying, like a little kid getting smart to each other, i said to her....your should read the note before you came out and get me, and act your age and be professional, yes she was saying it back to me what i just said to her.... unprofessional on her behalf and she should be ashame of her self, i had enough and said i want to see the manager and make a complaint, saw the manager made my complaint and asked to see another G.P for a (M.C.) i rang back today to talk to the manager, and the receptionist said shes on the phone and she will call me back A.S.A.P. that was @ 9:45 this morning, its been 3 hours now ...... has anyone know the local M.P's number or who i can take this complaint too? soooo frustrated, i think this kind of behaviors need to be brought to light, how many out there have experienced what i have?