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Thank you from Newbolds Upper Hutt


Thank you for all your support during lockdown Wellington, and for your ongoing support at Level One.

We’ve been absolutely blown away! Being locally owned, this means the world to us.

See our website for great deals from our friends at Panasonic and Miele, who also love supporting locally owned businesses.

•We deliver and install Wellington wide
•We’ll even take away your old appliance
•Award winning customer service
•Come in and see us instore or shop online

Meet the friendly local team at Newbolds Upper Hutt. Kevin, Mike, Brandon and owner Darren (seen below)
Webiste: www.newbolds.co.nz

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7 hours ago

Poll: Do you support the council providing wheelie bins?

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

A move to modernise rubbish collection in Hutt City or a backward step to create a monopoly and force local firms out of business?

Those are the conflicting views of a council decision to introduce a new waste collection and kerbside recycling system. Opponents claim that council-supplied wheelie bins will create a monopoly and force a number of firms that supply bins to close down, with a loss of local jobs.

Tell us what you think. If you do not not want your comments used in a story please put NFP (Not For Publication).

Do you support the council providing wheelie bins?
  • 57.9% Yes
    57.9% Complete
  • 42.1% No
    42.1% Complete
  • 0% Not sure
    0% Complete
19 votes
34 minutes ago

Orchestra Wellington's Symphonic Dances

Orchestra Wellington

Hi Neighbours – join us on Saturday 26 September as we celebrate the music of Russian master Sergei Rachmaninoff, performing his dazzling Symphonic Dances.

Our concert features guest soloist Michael Houstoun in a thrilling piano concerto, Three Psalms, from the repertoire of internationally acclaimed Kiwi composer John Psathas. Conducted as always by our Music Director Marc Taddei, who will also lead our players through Tchaikovsky’s unmistakable Serenade For Strings.

Tickets start from $40, and the concert will take place at 7:30pm at the Michael Fowler Centre.

Kirsten Mason
General Manager, Orchestra Wellington.
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7 hours ago

Poll: Do you support a by-law banning junk mail?

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Wellington City is proposing a by-law banning unaddressed or advertising mail being put in letter boxes marked "no circulars" or '"no junk mail".
The by-law is part of a waste management plan to reduce the amount of material going in to landfills.

Do you support a by-law banning junk mail?
  • 73.8% Yes
    73.8% Complete
  • 26.2% No
    26.2% Complete
130 votes