43 days ago

Poem penned to curious pre-schooler

Seamus Boyer from Wellington City Council

It’s not too often that Council officers reply to queries from the public with poems about poop. In fact, it’s fair to say a recent response to 4-year-old Joshua might well be the first.

Read the story, and the poem, here: wellington.govt.nz...

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Flower vase

Kristine from Avalon

Price $15
Clay vase

1 hour ago

Dolly the collie has $25,000 surgery as owner keeps best mate mobile

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

It has been a rough two years for Dolly the collie. The problems with Dolly’s limbs began when she was 10, resulting in the surgery on three of her four lower limbs. Her fourth limb may require surgery in the future.
Over the last two years owner Alla Baider has spent $25,000 trying to keep her beloved pet mobile.
Dolly has an empathy with people, that really shone through the Covid lockdown, she said.
“On top of her good looks and winning smile, Dolly has a supernatural sense for whenever someone is feeling down or in pain. It’s impossible to still be upset after receiving a warm hug from her.”

12 hours ago

Way Back Wednesday

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

This should be pretty easy.