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Neighbours Day Aotearoa is back and has even more ways you can get involved next year with their theme: The Great Plant Swap 🌻

The Team from Neighbourhood Support New Zealand

The first 200 to register their event, whether your usual BBQ, street party or something new like a plant swap, will be sent a packet of seeds to help you get started!

You can also write something nice (in 30 words or less) about your neighbours, community or acts of neighbourliness you've experienced with their new 'Notes for Neighbours' - any sort of note goes including poems! These will be shared on their Facebook, Instagram and website and 5 will be specially chosen to be featured on posters across Aotearoa.

Register your event, big or small, here today:

More messages from your neighbours
3 hours ago

Razor blades in the walls....

Kylie Klein Nixon Reporter from Homed

Has anyone ever seen something like the image below in an older Kiwi home? Does anyone remember them from their childhood? These strange slots allowed you to rid yourself of an old razor and never think of it again...but it also meant, years down the track, that someone renovating would be in for a nasty, rusty surprise.
I'm certain I've seen something like this here in Aotearoa-NZ, but can't for the life of me recall where. It was in the back of the medicine cupboard. Let us know if you've seen, had - or have - one in your home.

6 minutes ago

Gardens Magic postponed

Simone Borgstede from Wellington City Council

Tonights Gardens Magic concert (Tuesday 19 January) has been postponed due to forecast high winds.
Keep an eye on our Facebook page for further updates, and stay safe out there whānau!

4 hours ago

Act of kindness overwhelms mum

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

When a worker at her favourite local store asked Georgia Hutchison​ to wait at the door after she finished shopping, she was confused.
“I thought I was in trouble to be honest,” the mum-of-two said.
So when the staff member returned, carrying a special gift for Hutchison’s son Cayden​, she was pleasantly surprised.
Keitha, who works as a greeter at Kmart Petone, had bought Cayden, who has Down syndrome, a doll designed to look like a child with Down syndrome.
She had noticed the “inclusive” dolls were selling out fast and so purchased one for Cayden and stored it in her car until the family, who are regular customers, next visited the shop.