68 days ago

Toilet Rolls since lockdown

Sandra from Normandale

Remember how some of us rushed out and purchased trolley loads of toilet rolls for the big Covid19 lockdown?
Suddenly occurred to me that I still have to one spare large size roll pack waiting, of the two I rushed and bought on the day.
And just wondered how YOUR supplies were?
What of the person who had 18 packs aside.
AND the one who tried to take back [to supplier who refused returns] the thousands of dollars worth they found NO ONE wanted to buy off them on their black market.
Just thinking especially with the 2nd wave in Melbourne and NSW.

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10 minutes ago

Free cervical screening clinic

Gemma Elizabeth from Hutt Valley District Health Board

Regional Screening Services are running a free cervical screening clinic on Saturday 10 October.

36 minutes ago

LH woman heading to US for sugery

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Jayne L’Amour is forking out thousands of dollars to have life-changing surgery in the United States.

The Lower Hutt former dancer and fitness instructor has a rare condition, known as slipping rib syndrome. It occurs occurs when the cartilage on a person’s lower ribs slips and moves, leading to pain in their chest or upper abdomen.
The options in New Zealand include removing ribs, but a pioneer surgeon in the US has worked out a way to stabilise them.

She is heading heading to the United Hospital Centre in Bridgeport, West Virginia, for surgery, and will spend a month in America.

4 days ago

Harakeke/Flax/Phormium Tenax

Kat from Waterloo

Kia Ora, I live in Waiwhetu and am looking for Harakeke for weaving. If anyone in the area has a plant that needs pruning then please let me know 😊