28 days ago

Join the kerbside conversation

The team from Hutt City Council

Tired of having your recycling blow away on a windy day?

We have some options to make kerbside rubbish and recycling better in Lower Hutt, and it would be great to know what you think.

Visit us to find out more and give your feedback.
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1 day ago

What's On: End of Life Choice Info

Monica from Waterloo

A public meeting to dissect the Act and discover potential flaws which may lead to undesirable outcomes for the elderly and the terminally ill.
End of Life Choice Info
  • The Dowse
35 minutes ago

How has the shift to level 2 affected you?

The Team Reporter from Dominion Post

Hi neighbours,

The announcement this week that Covid-19 has returned and the resulting shift in alert levels has no doubt disrupted lives again, and affected many of us emotionally and possibly financially.

What impact has the shift to level 2 had on you? Has it impacted your workplace or business? Has it affected your employment? Has it disrupted your plans this week? Have you had to get tested?

For the latest Covid-19 updates, click here.

Stay safe everyone, and take care of yourselves and others.

3 hours ago

Are granny flats a good retirement option?

Mikaela Wilkes Reporter from Homed

Hi everyone, I'm Mikaela, a Stuff Homed reporter. We're doing a story on what granny flats are like as a housing option in retirement. For those of you that are either living in a granny flat, or are the family who built/bought a granny flat to add to your property for an elder family member, we'd like to hear about why a granny flat was right for you. What was the process of getting one and learning to live together like? If you're happy to share your story and be featured in the article, please email mikaela.wilkes@stuff.co.nz or let us know in the comments below, your message may be used in our story.