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Seaview Metal Recyclers Fire Update

The Team from Fire and Emergency New Zealand - Lower Hutt

Hi Neighbour's, just a short update regarding the fire at the metal recycling plant on Seaview Road. At this stage crews from all Lower Hutt Fire Stations are in attendance, along with with several from the Wellington Fire Area. Several premises along Seaview Road in the path of the smoke stream have been evacuated and will probably remain so for most of the day. As crews are drawing water from multiple water mains and hydrants along both sides of Seaview Road, it will also probably remain closed for most of the day.
Council staff are in attendance, providing guidance on water supplies, water run off, and any other council related issues.
So far this morning we have been in a defensive mode, trying to stop the fire spreading further into the pile of scrap metal. With full daylight and reinforced water supplies, and with assistance from onsite staff, we will now begin moving into a fire attack mode and begin pulling the pile of scrap metal apart to get to the seat of the fire.
For those affected by the road closure and evacuations, we thank you for your co-operation and patience.

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Poll: Should Aayla be allowed to play?

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

A team of keen young Petone rugby league players will forfeit their points and risk disqualifying themselves in an upcoming tournament because one of their star players is banned.
The reason? She’s a girl. Aayla Toman, 13, has been told she’s not allowed to play in the u13 boys’ grade in Wellington’s Pacific Youth Cup because of her gender – something that led her club team, the u13 Petone Panthers, to play her ‘illegally’ all season.
New Zealand Rugby League rules state the maximum age for males and females to play in mixed gender full contact rugby league is 12 years of age.

Should Aayla be allowed to play?
  • 75.7% Yes
    75.7% Complete
  • 24.3% No
    24.3% Complete
760 votes
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Way Back Wednesday

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Who recognises this famous photo from the Stuff archives?
Hint: It has come to represent a pivotal moment in New Zealand history.

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Kevin from Avalon

You are welcome to join our group. Our next meeting will be this Wednesday, 28 October 1PM, at the Taita Library in the Walter Nash Centre, Taine St, Taita. Guest speakers will a nutritionist and a chemist speaking on complementary medicines.