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Suddenly The Nights Are Getting Chilly

The Team from Fire and Emergency New Zealand - Lower Hutt

It’s too soon to say that summer is over, but the nights are definitely getting cooler, and some of us are starting to think about getting that electric blanket back onto the bed.
For us, that’s a good time to remind everyone about these electric blanket safety tips because we know that worn and old electric blankets can cause a fire, and possibly even an electric shock.
So as you get yours out of the cupboard, have a good look at how safe it is, and if need be, replace it in those pre-winter sales that can’t be very far away.

• Worn and old electric blankets can cause an electric shock, fire and possibly even death.
• At the first sign of wear have your electric blanket checked by a qualified electrician.
• Replace your electric blanket every five years with newer heat-protected models, which are safer and more energy efficient.
• Don't place heavy objects on the bed while the blanket is on.
• Make sure the blanket is always flat on the bed and that controls or cords are not twisted or caught between the mattress and the base of the bed.
• Twisted cords are a common cause of electric blanket fires.

Keep yourselves and your loved ones warm this winter, keep safe, and remember, if the worst should happen in your home…

Get out and stay out
In a fire, get everybody out and call 111.
And whatever you do, stay out.

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Way Back Wednesday

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Who recognises this famous photo from the Stuff archives?
Hint: It has come to represent a pivotal moment in New Zealand history.

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Kevin from Avalon

You are welcome to join our group. Our next meeting will be this Wednesday, 28 October 1PM, at the Taita Library in the Walter Nash Centre, Taine St, Taita. Guest speakers will a nutritionist and a chemist speaking on complementary medicines.

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Poll: Should Aayla be allowed to play?

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

A team of keen young Petone rugby league players will forfeit their points and risk disqualifying themselves in an upcoming tournament because one of their star players is banned.
The reason? She’s a girl. Aayla Toman, 13, has been told she’s not allowed to play in the u13 boys’ grade in Wellington’s Pacific Youth Cup because of her gender – something that led her club team, the u13 Petone Panthers, to play her ‘illegally’ all season.
New Zealand Rugby League rules state the maximum age for males and females to play in mixed gender full contact rugby league is 12 years of age.

Should Aayla be allowed to play?
  • 75.7% Yes
    75.7% Complete
  • 24.3% No
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754 votes