47 days ago

Buying by tender: Did you write a letter?

Kylie Klein Nixon Reporter from Homed

Hi folks,
My colleague Jo is writing a story about buying by tender, specifically, the new trend of writing letters to the vendor to explain why they should pick your offer over all the rest.
As the market gets harder and harder to break into, we've been hearing more and more about people trying to make a personal connection with vendors to give their tender offers the edge. We've heard folks will include personal details about their family, why the love the house and what their plans for the property are.
Jo would love to talk to anyone who's written a letter like this to accompany a tender - perhaps it's you, perhaps a relative or friend - or from vendors who've received letters like this, accompanying a tender.
Perhaps you asked for such letters?
We'd love to hear more about that experience for you and how it shaped the way the sale went.
You can reach out to jo here (she'll be joining the Neighbourly neighbourhood soon!) or via our email: homed@stuff.co.nz.
Looking forward to hearing your stories.

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Old army hat

Lynette from Harbour View

I bought this old army hat in the Hutt for dress-up's over 20 years ago. With Anzac coming up next month, and not wanting to send it to another op shop, wondered where it would be best to take it. It never had a band on it, and doesn't appear to have any name. Any ideas where I should take it?

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Way Back Wednesday

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

This should not be too tough. What are your favourite memories of this gentleman and his store?

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Taita aka Avalon Public Hall Mabey St HISTORY

Sandra from Normandale

Anyone know the history of the Taita Public Hall. P L E A S E.
I can find J Cottle in 1904 having the cups and Piano removed from said Hall. Was this where the current Mabey Rd Hall stands which was built 1922 and up for their 100th next year. Hence the need to know.