109 days ago

Chrystall's Lagoon, Otaki

Paul from Levin

Piwakawaka over Chrystall's Lagoon

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8 hours ago

$$$$$$ WANTED - TREASURER $$$$$$$$

Judy from Otaki District

The Te Horo Hall committee needs your help!
Do you enjoy managing money? Would you like to join a friendly & positive group of locals who manage the Te Horo Hall to ensure it's available to the community. The Hall committee needs a new treasurer as our current treasurer is stepping down after many years.
The Hall is regularly hired out for celebrations (weddings, birthdays etc), a monthly market, exercise classes & sporting activities, funerals, social and fundraising events. It is also set up to become a Civil Defence community hub to support the community in an emergency.
The committee manages the hall maintenance and improvements, event bookings, health and safety, cleaning, Council requirements, and the CD hub if needed - and also hosts monthly drinks (everyone welcome) plus some social or fundraising events.
The Treasurer’s role includes:
• receiving and banking all payments made to the committee
• paying accounts and expenses
• keeping an accurate record of the transactions and accounts
• providing a financial update to monthly committee meetings
• preparing annual financial accounts for the AGM
• arranging an annual audit of the finances
• managing term deposit investments.

If you're interested or would like more information, please message us or phone our current treasurer, Katherine on 0276712166
We’d love to hear from you, and/or see you at the AGM at the hall on 22 June 7.30pm.

1 day ago

history of nz pension were I fit

tina from Levin

I am looking forward to my pension only 3 years away, however were we are as a country today re covid I really don't know if the government will be able to afford it, and I am not out there taking work from the younger people that if they are employed good for them will pay the tax towards my pension, however I have over the past employed many people and probably that tax would cover me until I lived to 110 so were I fit, well I am a young 62 year old woman very self reliant and worry about the next generation what is out there for them, it's not climate change anymore that is the problem, its work

3 days ago

english only sign taken down from auckland cafe

tina from Levin

apparently it was racist asking their staff to all speak English in the kitchen area, so that means all countries are racist as all pilots and control tower operators must speak English while doing their job, for a simple safety reason everyone understands the first report, imagine a mayday in the pilots native tongue, lets Korea going to a control tower person in Russia that can only speak Russian I'm sure you can all figure that scenario out