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An urgent message from Fire and Emergency New Zealand

Alison Shrigley Reporter from The Bay Chronicle

A total fire ban is in place for Whangārei and Kaipara effective from 8am Thursday 24 December.
This means open air fires are not permitted across the Whangārei and Kaipara districts and all fire permits have been suspended.
The ban on private use of fireworks also remains in place in the Karikari peninsula and Ahipara township.

The Far North remains in a restricted fire season but fire permits are still suspended in the area until further notice due to the weather conditions.

Go to www.checkitsalright.nz... for more information.

"It’s very important people follow the fire ban and don’t light any outside fires or let off fireworks," says Principal Rural Fire Officer Myles Taylor.

"It’s too risky. In the current hot and dry conditions a stray ember or firework could easily start a fire which would quickly spread."

"It’s still very dry in the Far North but we are expecting some rain to come through the area over the next few days," says Myles Taylor.

"We will continue to monitor the conditions and fire danger level. Fire permits will be reinstated when it’s safe to do so and when there is less risk of a fire getting out of control.

"We need the people of Northland, and those planning a holiday in Northland, to do their part to prevent a wildfire this summer."

Go to www.checkitsalright.nz... for more tips on how you can reduce the risk of fire this summer.

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Buying by tender: Did you write a letter?

Kylie Klein Nixon Reporter from Homed

Hi folks,
My colleague Jo is writing a story about buying by tender, specifically, the new trend of writing letters to the vendor to explain why they should pick your offer over all the rest.
As the market gets harder and harder to break into, we've been hearing more and more about people trying to make a personal connection with vendors to give their tender offers the edge. We've heard folks will include personal details about their family, why the love the house and what their plans for the property are.
Jo would love to talk to anyone who's written a letter like this to accompany a tender - perhaps it's you, perhaps a relative or friend - or from vendors who've received letters like this, accompanying a tender.
Perhaps you asked for such letters?
We'd love to hear more about that experience for you and how it shaped the way the sale went.
You can reach out to jo here (she'll be joining the Neighbourly neighbourhood soon!) or via our email: homed@stuff.co.nz.
Looking forward to hearing your stories.

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Luxurious Residence with Bold Distinction

Willow Gasparro Reporter from Homed - Far North Real Estate

Latest edition of Homed, Far North Real Estate is out. Check out the hottest listings in the Far North

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We Say/You Say: Bank Closures

Thomas Campbell Reporter from Northern News

Hi neighbours,

How are you going to be impacted by changes in banking?

Mayors around the country have called on the government to intervene in bank closures around the country.

33 mayors around the country have signed an open letter to Jacinda Ardern asking her government to investigate the closures. The mayors stated that access to ATMs would not address the social harm and depravities for provincial and farming communities.

Last week, Kiwibank announced that it would close seven of its branches, with BNZ confirming it would close 38 branches nationwide.

BNZ Chief Customer Officer, Paul Carter, said three-quarters of their customers are digitally active.
“The majority of our customers are banking online and our talented bankers are often waiting in empty branches for customers that simply do not arrive,” he said.

BNZ customer Jasmine Polglase was more concerned for her grandparents, who banked with BNZ.
“They don’t have a computer, like many elderly. But unlike my grandparents, some here don’t have family to do banking for them and help them navigate that sort of thing.”

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