211 days ago

Poll: What's your pet hate?

Blanton Smith Reporter from Taranaki Daily News

We're sure there are many more things that grind your gears so leave us a comment if your biggest pet hate isn't on the list. And if you think we're always looking for the negative vote in our positive poll coming later in the week.

What's your pet hate?
  • 27.9% People who leave dog poo
    27.9% Complete
  • 0.9% People who leave chewing gum stuck to tables
    0.9% Complete
  • 18% People who litter
    18% Complete
  • 14.4% People who spit on the footpath
    14.4% Complete
  • 3.6% Drivers who cut cyclists off
    3.6% Complete
  • 11.7% Drivers who don't indicate
    11.7% Complete
  • 8.1% People who let their dogs or cats roam
    8.1% Complete
  • 9.9% Door knockers
    9.9% Complete
  • 2.7% People who don't put their supermarket trolleys away
    2.7% Complete
  • 2.7% Pedestrians who don't use the crossing
    2.7% Complete
111 votes
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Car of the week!

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15 hours ago

What's On: Indoor Bowls

Hazel from South Taranaki District

Turuturu Indoor Bowling Club welcomes new and existing members to its 2020 season beginning Wednesday 11 March, 7.30pm in the Presbyterian Hall, Hawera. Contact Noeleen 278-7476.
Indoor Bowls
  • Turuturu Indoor Bowls