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What your pets get up to when you're not looking

Michael from C-IT Limited

What your pets get up to when you're not looking

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Alaina from Stratford

Hi everyone putting it out there we are a small family i am mother of 2 teenaged kids that attend stratford high school i have weekly income benefit & permanent part-time job that ive started we are wanting to settle in stratford for our new start looking for 3 bedroom house for rent asap please trying every option have applied been to viewings and advertised everywhere no luck at the moment we are tidy pay rent on time i have references and a bond waiting to be used for our new property hopefully we get a roof over our heads soon please if anyone can help our situation may my family be considered be much appreciated and thank you 😊
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Is there a Butcher still slicing bacon in Wanganui?

Vernon Neighbourly Lead from Whanganui

I am becoming disenchanted and disgruntled with the thickness of bacon being offered for sale here in Wanganui. The last batch of Bacon sliced, vacuum packed by the producer and marketed by Countdown was so thin that any tendency for it to stick to the pan when cooking caused it to tear which resulted in the entire serving appearing on the plate as shredded bacon

In the "good old days," when I was younger, easy on the eye, had energy and hair, I could ask the seller to slice for me, 10 slices of bacon , or many other types of meat, tongue, corned beef, beef etc with their slicer set on 5 or whatever number my fancy desired.
Nowadays I can not find a single purveyer of bacon in Wanganui who actually slices bacon. Countdown, New World, Pak n Save, all have theirs arriving either presliced and in bulk for placement in the Deli cabinet or presliced and vacuum packed for self selection from the chillers. The Mad butcher didn't even have bacon in stock !
Labour saving no doubt but a killer for customer choice.

SO, back to the question, is there a retailer selling bacon sliced to a thickness requested by the customer?