43 days ago

Do you have a good idea for our Community

Lynn Benfell from Progress Ngongotaha-Kokiri Ngongotaha Inc.

Progress Ngongotaha Inc. is here for the Community as a vehicle to help you to make things happen.

Whether you want to organise something for families in one of our parks...
Or want to start a walking group...beautify an area
Or maybe you have an idea for a Winter Event...
Come and talk to Lynn and lets see if we can work together to make things happen for the good of the whole community.

Call me at the office ph 4600690
180 Ngongotaha Road (oposite the Post Shop)
Open Days Thursday & Sunday 11.am -4.30 pm
e. progressngongotaha@gmail.com
Pop in for a chat and cuppa

I look forward to meeting you soon. If you have time we would love to show you through the;
'Home' Ngongotaha Life Memories (little museum) created by the community for the community (onsite at 180 Ngongotaha Road)

Kind regards
Lynn :-)

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12 hours ago

Tell us about the coronavirus lockdown champions in your community

The Team Reporter from Stuff

Hey neighbours,

We want to celebrate the unsung heroes who are keeping our country going through lockdown.

Frontline nurse Debra Larsen's life has turned into a "real whirlwind" since the coronavirus outbreak began.

She's been so busy setting up testing centres around the Waikato. and helping them run smoothly that she's barely seen her two teenage daughters.

Do you know a coronavirus lockdown champion who deserves to be recognised? Tell us about them in the comments below.

To read more about Debra's life on the frontline, click here.

2 hours ago

Look our for others

The Team from Bay of Plenty & Taupo Police

We know some of you are facing threatening and potentially harmful times at home right now. Police will be there for you if you call us.

If you are in immediate danger and can’t call 111, leave your house and get out of harm’s way. Get to a safe distance and then ask a neighbour over a fence, or a passer-by, to call 111 for you. Your safety comes first.

It’s everybody’s responsibility to speak out and keep each other safe right now. If you think something is not ok with a friend, neighbour, or colleague, it’s okay to call Police on their behalf. The person you’re worried about may not be able to speak up for themselves. You could be saving a life.

For more information or support: www.police.govt.nz...

6 hours ago

April Challenge Month

NumberWorks'nWords Rotorua

Here are our 2nd week of challenges. Might help fill in a bit of time and a great thing to do as a family.