38 days ago

Be wary of Telecom companies

Jenny from Hillcrest

Just to let you all know, I have been dealing with a particular telecom company. I signed up for a $95 plan last year and after the expiration of the plan, I have to pay $140. Initially, they provided the freebies but started charging for it without giving notice after the expiration date. When asked about the notification for what they are going to charge after expiration period, they said the bill of $140 is the notification and the responsibility lies with us, the consumers. They also require 30 days notice to cancel account which is included in the "hidden clause" and 3 working days to action a cancellation.

Then, the new package that they offer are more expensive than the one I signed up for. In another country, consumers would have been given the option to renew the same package and not pay double after the expiration period.

It was a disappointing encounter. Be wary of their tactics.

cheers, Jenny

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4 hours ago

Dogs to order ALERT!

Jody from Morrinsville

My partner was approached by two strangers at the Morrinsville Recreation grounds on Friday, 6th Dec, at midday after walking our two dogs. While he was coaxing our bulldog/boxer into his truck, one of the two guys approached him from behind and reached forward to grab our dog's harness, which resulted in my partner confronting the stranger who quickly retreated to his van. My partner promptly left in his truck with our two dogs in case both strangers decided to grow a set of balls and try again. He found a policeman in town and reported the incident, and coincidentally, the same van with the same occupants drove past them and parked a few hundred meters up the road. This policeman then approached the van to have a word with them about this incident. My partner did not recognize these two men but would recommend to everyone to be mindful they drive a white van, work as a pair, and seem to be scouting for 'dogs to order.'

2 hours ago

Handyman Recommendations

Carla from Fitzroy

I’m in need of recommendations for a multi-skilled handyman that takes pride in their work.
Thanks in advance for your help

9 days ago

Stolen scooter

Alex from Glenview

Hi all, I have found a scooter on the footpath outside my property in the Glenview area, has anyone had theirs stolen? Pm me with a description if you think it could be yours.