25 days ago

Black Stemmed Champagne Flutes x 2

Marylou from Melville

We are paring down the number of glasses and crystal so these must go. Pick-up is in Melville or phone 843 4421

Price: $25

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1 day ago

Person to fix Washng Machine

Dianne from Hamilton East

Would anybody know of someone who can fix washing machines for a reasonable price. Quite prepared to pay a reasonable amount but $85 for half an hour, which I was quoted is just too much.
My dirty washing would much appreciate any suggestions :)

14 days ago

Be wary of Telecom companies

Jenny from Hillcrest

Just to let you all know, I have been dealing with a particular telecom company. I signed up for a $95 plan last year and after the expiration of the plan, I have to pay $140. Initially, they provided the freebies but started charging for it without giving notice after the expiration date. When asked about the notification for what they are going to charge after expiration period, they said the bill of $140 is the notification and the responsibility lies with us, the consumers. They also require 30 days notice to cancel account which is included in the "hidden clause" and 3 working days to action a cancellation.

Then, the new package that they offer are more expensive than the one I signed up for. In another country, consumers would have been given the option to renew the same package and not pay double after the expiration period.

It was a disappointing encounter. Be wary of their tactics.

cheers, Jenny

3 days ago

Our beloved Municipal Pools

Dianne from Hamilton East

Today, I happened to glance at a copy of Waikato Times and lo and behold, most of the front page was dedicated to council declaring what a wonderful vista it will be when the 'derelict' municipal pools are demolished. I was astounded. I am almost certain that supporters of the revitalisation of the pools have never been given the same space and privilege of being on the Front Page. Where is the fair play here? The impartiality ? These pools have been with us for over 100 years, and are one, if not the only concrete outside pool, of its type in New Zealand. They have been the making of many memories for thousands of Hamiltonians and others over the years and yet The Waikato Times and other media sources have chosen to give very little support to the pools. Please people email council, even now at the 11th hour, your voice, our voices could make the difference!