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Jeff from Saint Andrews

A message from Neighbourhood Watch which includes a leaflet from the Health Care people which should lessen your worries about this virus.

1Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) –What you need to knowCurrent as at: 04/02/2020While we are still learning more about this new virus –We do know the risk of the virus spreading in New Zealand is very low How worried should I be?•Your chances of catching the coronavirus in New Zealand are verylow.•It is highly unlikely you will catch the virus walking down thestreet•Coronavirus appears to be as infectious as the flu and the symptoms are similar -fever, cough and shortness of breath. You are only likely to catch it if you are near to someone with the virus. Most people catch the virus from someone at home, a close workmate or someone they spend timewith.•People will not be moving around the community if they are suspected or confirmed of having the virus –they will be in isolation. Their family and anyone they may have infected will also be asked to stay athome.How serious is coronavirus?•People are being infected, mainly in China, but only a small number of those with coronavirus havedied.•Most people have a mild to moderate illness withflu-likesymptoms•Peopleofallagesarebeinginfected,butolderpeopleandthosewithmedicalconditions seem most likely to get seriouslyill.How do I protect myself and my family?Everyone should protect themselves from the virus, as you would for the ‘flu -•Washing your hands regularly, or using hand sanitiser, is the best way to avoid thisillness.•As with other illnesses, do not go to work or school, or see visitors if you aresick.•Cover coughs and sneezes with tissues or clothing, and wash handsafterwards•Avoid being near to people who aresick•Washing your hands often and covering coughs and sneezes will do more to protectyou from the virus than amask.•If you are sharing food, use utensils to serve the food and keep your personal spoon, fork, or chopsticks separate to avoid transmission throughsaliva.

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Love fresh?

Countdown New Zealand

Countdown Rototuna is open from May 26, and in the bakery department you’ll find a range of fresh-baked goodies to tempt your taste buds.

Choose from artisan breads for the week’s sammies, or pick up a little something sweet for the trip home.

We can’t wait to see you!
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Toastmasters back to Western Community Centre Tuesday 9th at 7pm

Melanie Coleman from Dinsdale Toastmasters

We are looking forward to getting back to our face to face meetings. Our first meeting back is Tuesday 9th June. If you have ever wanted to know about Toastmasters please come along, you are welcome. Ring Ralph on 07 8553811 for more information.

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Just what you need, right nearby

Four Square

Hot chicken and fresh salad 4 the easy dinner? Apples and a loaf of bread 4 the lunchbox panic? Bacon and eggs 4 breakfast in bed?

Whether it’s easy munches, school lunches or Sunday brunches, your Four Square has everything you need to keep life nice, easy and local.

Four Square. Just what you need, right nearby.
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