49 days ago

Vehicle Contents: Diomede Glade, Flagstaff

Louis & Elrika from Flagstaff

Be alert. There are petty thieves and opportunists going round at night when they should be asleep like the rest of the world.

The 'good for nothings' are obviously going down the roads trying out the car doors. My wife is usually the good one in locking her car door and I not so but last night, we can only assume that perhaps she'd thought she had locked it or simply pressed the wrong button.

They had rummaged thru the glove compartment and obviously found the garage remote which they stupidly thought might've been my vehicle's remote. They pressed the button which alerted our youngest daughter when the door opened. It also made them run for it fortunately leaving behind the remote. Luckily they only got away with some cheap jewelry.

Be alert!! It could've been worse and they could've been pro's and not petty thieves. And OH!!!! Btw......... still waiting for police to pick up their side of the line once we're thru 'State your Emergency.'

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3 hours ago

Missing Posts

Jeff from Saint Andrews

Neighbourly is looking too boring, where are the Council & Government Posts from the good Neighbourly people? Neighbourly needs to have these posts so we all can voice our peace on them. Please put them back in the system.

2 days ago

What's On: Beerescourt Bowling Club - Cancelled

Carl from Forest Lake

(behind the tennis courts) Club days Tuesday and Saturdays. Visitors and new members welcome. Contact Carl 0274307258
Beerescourt Bowling Club - Cancelled
  • Beerescourt Bowling Club